Is XRP Actually Capable of Capturing Significant Value?

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Ryan asks "Do you think current and future XRP partners announced will cause XRP to moon within a year? Many felt XRP was a scam during the first boom of 2017"

Here's my response!

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To me, I believe partnership plays a significant role most especially when it comes to cryptocurrecy. Xrp will surely keep it form in this bull run.

I can’t touch that coin, it goes against everything I beleive in 😂😂😂

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Same!!! I dabbled in 2017 and it paid off nicely, but not sure I could do it again this time

Yeah, just stack those bitcorrrns, eth, eos, and steem haha

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XRP has a low charging fee when you move it which is why I think it is a good vehicle to move value around plus it is always in the top cryptos used by people. @louisthomas

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Hi @louisthomas ,I think no , because we have better options in market and this coin no offer to much things and i want to invest in something with more value.

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I think XRP is exhausted of speculation

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