Monster Maverick Episode 3

in hive-13323 •  12 days ago 

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Huzzah! Now that the mobile version has been released, I can release this episode!

You'll see I gave the live viewers a sneak peek here.

Also agg joins the show about half way in and we continued into pirate for about an hour after show.

It's definitely better to be there live.

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Aggy: So the Magic of the Gathering crowds
Neal: So the 40 year old nerds

My first reaction was this 2020 offended bitch ass face like Oy m8 I ain't even close to that age

Then I thought to myself, wtf have I become.

and started laughing.

Thanks for this, it was amazing I got quite good laughter at that point :D

at about 44:20 for someone to listen to it.

I say that as a 40-year old nerd myself :)

Keep this show coming. What is the schedule for the live airing on MSP Waves?


3 am Sundays UTC time, which is 10 pm eastern on Saturdays for me.


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