Steem - a hedge against corporate social media (steem elevator pitch entry)

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My entry to @stoodkev 's steem elevator pitch contest - take four which is as long as it took me to not be obviously reading from the script which is below!

The guidelines were to pitch to an investor, and I think I've convinced myself to buy a little more Steem, once my money transfer to Kraken goes through tomorrow!

It's a very large and spacious elevator and I've already handed my victim my card with QR code links to the steemit FAQs, Splinterlands, 3speak and so on, and my details so they can ask me any further questions.

This is also my first ever 3speak upload, it seems very functional!


If you fancy a hedge against the Corporate tech companies, then you might want to invest in Steem...

Steem is like Facebook and YouTube etc. but with no centralised control, no censorship, and no de-platforming, which means that independent investors have much more power to determine the direction which Steem takes in the future.

If you stake Steem there are several ways you can make a > 20% annual return, and you can choose to pay content producers with no risk to your vested capital.

There are several applications on Steem: including games which allow you to make a decent return from investing in digital-game assets and leasing them out to players.

Steem brings together investors, content creators, consumers, developers, and entrepreneurs, and because it cuts out corporate leaches, it seems like a natural home for the increasing numbers of people who distrust the big tech companies,

An investment in Steem today not only supports a decentalised future, it could prove very profitable when the masses find their way there.

Check out for FAQs and Splinterlands as the most successful application so far built on Steem!

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Pretty good pitch, thanks for your entry!

Cheers! And thanks for a great competition idea.

It suited me - I'm developing a Udemy course so I needed some video practice!

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Great pitch. I agree it is a hedge against centralized control.

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This look great!
A bit fast but straight to the point!

After 3 rounds of cutting stuff out I convinced myself that a 'bit fast' = more enthusiastic!

1 minute really isn't that long!

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Nice video about steem. I'll be your first subscriber here. Welcome to 3speak. ☺

Oh hey thanks! I did a few Dtube vids back in the day, but 3speak seems much more together!

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The upload is smooth and I just love your introduction of what steem is, the accent is British I guess, beautiful video all in all.

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Hey thanks very much! Yes British.


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Thanks for the post.

Thanks for the post.

Perfect timing on this. I think you did a better job of reaching investors than I did. I tend to think in terms of users and creators.


It was quite challenging, I had to cut about 30% out from the original. Still ended up speaking faster than I intended!

Hi dude.

Great pitch, concise and to the point about all the good things about steem.

I've honestly never seen a better simple explanation of the benefits of investing in steem than this vid

Well done m8 👍🙂

Hey thanks, turned out to be quite lucrative too. Although @aggroed did a text version shortly after that had a few things I may have added in!

Great video, I'm going to make new business cards and add a QR code for Steem projects we're involved with. Aloha from Hawaii, This is Rich

Hey cheers, love the QR code idea!