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Too much talk and not enough action! This type of stuff keeps happening and we need to move over to other platforms in addition to Youtube. Youtube has too much of a monopoly over video content so let's empower some of these other decentralized platforms like Steem and 3Speak! Hopefully this answers some questions on good alternative platforms to Youtube! If you are watching this on Steem and 3Speak you already know what's up but still wanted to share on here too. Would seem to go against the argument made in the video if I didn't!

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Links to sites I discussed in the video!:
3Speak: https://3speak.online/user/schubes
Steem: https://steempeak.com/@schubes
Learn more about Hex: http://HEX.win/?r=0x7409d1Ceae791f9fdB42435D4fA6BA27d5559db3
Learn more about Splinterlands: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=schubes
Learn more about Gods Unchained: https://godsunchained.com/?refcode=0x7409d1ceae791f9fdb42435d4fa6ba27d5559db3

As always this is not financial advice and thanks for watching!

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It is very important for content producers and project medias to use all the crypto locales available. Minds.com is an awesome alternative and Publish0x is nice too.

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