Marky On Air Episode 36 Recording

in hive-100421 •  12 days ago 

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Marky On Air Episode 36 Recording

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See, I'm afraid of downvotes too, but I want to wait it out and see. Maybe the downvote won't be so bad, maybe I won't get downvoted at all. I don't believe that downvoting is moral for a lot of people who downvote, I just don't see HOW it CAN be moral. I personally don't downvote, never have and don't intend to either.

The minute you give in to the bully's wants, then they will know that they can control you and they will target you and take more and more and more.

It angers me that someone would bully me. It angers me that downvotes exist on this platform for bullies to utilise against those of us who are honest folks. It angers me that I don't have more Steem than that guy to counter his downvote with a vote of my own.

But I WILL NOT let him dictate my internal state of being and I WILL NOT let him control me!

At least two of us that vote for you got 'positive' votes from @themilkymark today. Why was everyone panicking?

They are doing curation sniping to pay for the delegation.

.. and no flagging so far, I have been watching the account.

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I stream using XSplit, but Open Broadcaster (OBS) is a free alternative.

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