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It has been some crazy past few months for Tron in my opinion. I mean they have acquired/partnered with DLive & Steemit, in addition to partnerships with samsung, opera browser, Poloniex etc...

I mean, everyone have their own opinion in the crypto space and most poeple on Twitter or other social medias promote their coin and bash others. It is therefore really difficult to make your own mind on what is legit and what is not. Anyway, I have found. Just take the example of Bitcoin, BSV and BCH. Each of them is claiming they are the "True" Bitcoin. Tough to understand for newbies or beginners...Each of them have solid points, but what is the real answer? Who knows right? Time will tell.

Going back to TRON, I strongly believe that the moves they have made in the past few months/year are extremely good "business wise". I mean they are placing themselves right in the social media/video ecosystem in the era of information. I mean if this goes according to plan, this could become the next "decentralized" giant. Many will argue Ethereum will do that, but we have Android and Iphone right? Catch where I am going with this...

Anyway, this is just my own opinion. I see a bright future with the TRON ecosystem. Available for all to use :)

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They did make a lot of moves of late. Time will tell where this puts TRON compared to others.

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