10 Tickets In 10 Days - Day 4 Get Rekt - Will 100 Tickets Turn Profit

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What is happen steemians? Have you went and checked out the UFM Tribe post that is part of the Steem Tribes Group of post I am working on. In that post, I talk about the UFM lotto.

On the third day of the 10 Tickets In 10 Days, I was able to get 500 more EPIC to go with the total amount I got already and earn dividends from them. The total work of the 500 EPIC is 0.05 steemp. I was also able to get 10 UFM they went on and get staked as I am working my way up to the 10K goal I have set out. the total value of the 10 UFM is 0.2401 steemp. I also got 1000 sports worth a total 0.07 steemp. This is making a total of 0.3601 steemp and a loss of -0.6399‬ steemp.

Day 4 Tickets Win
1 0
2 0
3 0
4 0
5 0
6 0
7 0
8 0
9 0
10 0

You can see from the table above that I got lotto REKT today. I was not even able to hit 1 instant win. That makes or a huge hit to the loss side.

Day Profit/loss Total
1 -0.66 -0.66
2 + 0.0871 -0.5729
3 - 0.6399 --1.2128

You can verify all the winnings and tickets in the UFM Discord UFM lotto channel.

I know that by playing more tickets in this I would have a higher chance at turning a profit but as I said this is for fun and testing purposes only so I don't have the 100 liquid steem at the moment to play 100 tickets in 10 days.

Remember that all the games played in any of my posts are for fun only. I am not telling anyone to go and play besides for fun.

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