The Happy Box (Poetry)

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Hi guys this is my little stash box and i wrote a small poem about it...

Kannabiz The happy box:

My box makes me happy
My box is always full
I learn to love the biz...
Now the biz loves me to..
You know this biz from kanna
Don’t be mistaken..
No seeds & No sticks
So my brain won’t be aching..

Author: David Klijn / @davidamsterdam

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Love It!!
Have An Awesome Day!!

You to my friend!

I need to have this happy box :))
send some here also :)

I can hook you up.. Thanks for the comment!

relaxing just looking at it😄

Thanks for your comment my friend and i can tell you this box does make me relaxed 😎

Fire! Blaze it!!!


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That Looks tasty

Yep the score of the week! Pretty yummy this time around

I love these kind of products cannabis is Beautifull and great!

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