Illegal market.

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Hello dear friends! Frankly, I just smoked a medicinal plant, and this is what I remembered. Now and now I have never dealt with the black market - smoking. But, according to rumors of others, he knew everything that was happening in these matters, as a rule, there was no secret in them. So that’s what I remembered. In the mid-90s, smoke was sold in three packs.The most popular package, among poor students


Cigarette, as a rule, its useful actions were enough for three people. As they say for novice patients.



This package was popular with more experienced patients; four siarets were placed in it.


Faceted glass

This packaging has been popular with people who have money. There were ten matchboxes in a glass.


I like to smoke medicinal plants.


I like!

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All health and profit.

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So much detail about your smoking habits LOL.... I DO hope it's all organic, and all that relaxation and drifting in the ethereal cosmic space is bringing you new CREATIVITY and IDEAS and the rest to be able to DO something amazing with it all soon. :)

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Hi, this is all limited without a doubt, thanks. Blogs pulled me like a magnet.